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Birdwatching Arranmore Island

The following is a list of some of the birds which can be observed on Oileán Árainn Mhóir.

Name of birdIrish NameWhen observed
Artic SkijaMeirleach ArtachGood numbers seen daily.
BramblingBreacanOne seen in trees by hotel
Black RedstartEarrdeargan dubhFemale seen at lighthouse 1993.
ChoughCag CosdeargCommon bird on Island.
Citrine WagtailGlasog LiomoinOne seen in hotel gardens 1993.
FieldfareSacanThree seen near the lighthouse.
GannetGaineadGood numbers seen daily.
Great ShearwaterCanog mhorFlock of 1200 seen near lighthouse.
Great SkijaMeirleach morGood numbers seen daily.
KittiwakeSaidhbhearGood numbers seen daily.
Leach’s PetrelGuairdeall GabhlachSeen only when birds are blown inshore in very windy conditions.
Meadow PipitRiabhog ChladaighSeen around the coast.
MearlinMeirliunFive birds seen, possibly on migration from Iceland.
Pallas’s WarblerCeolaire PhallaisOne bird found between Lough Shore and the lighthouse 1993.
RavenFiach dubhSome birds seen daily.
RedwingDeargan SneachtaSmall numbers arrive daily.
Rock PipitRiabhog MhonaResident on island moors and on passage from Iceland.
Snowy OwlUlchabhan SneachtaOne long-staying young male. One on Rannaigh Point Aug 2004
Sooty ShearwaterCanog ShuicheFew seen daily rare.
Storm PetrelGuairdeallSeen daily in strong winds.
StonechatCaislin ClochResident and some passage birds present on lowland coastal areas.
WheatearClochranSeen daily in small numbers along the cliffs and around the lighthouse.
Whooper SwanEala GhorachSeven birds seen at Lough Shior.
The Semi-Palmated Plover(Charadrius semipalmatus)One on Leabgarrow Strand 2002

Other birds which can be seen include:

RazorbillBlack Hooded GullGoldcrest
Ringed PloverBluetitHerring Gull
RobinChaffinchHooded Crow
ShagCommon GullJackdaw